Saturday, March 10, 2007

Last song

- This is going to be the last song for the time being. From here I will publish mostly my thoughts and if I'll write/find other song, you'll be the first to know.

"Die" I have never screamed, sacred beyond
any desperation, your demons have their loneliness:
in your most decimated streets are things which threatens me,
or which I cannot witness for their existence

your real soul will not forgive me
though I have stop myself from flight,
you always took me hand by hand to guide me through
(trying mortally, inwards) God's awaken word

or if your eyes will die, I and
my revenge will change inward, onward,
as when the dream of this change cast
the reality away everywhere from here;

nothing which we are to carry on under this sky
the lesson of your bare lie: whose death
smiles upon me with the new birth it gave,
blind savior and phantom's vision.

(I will not back-down from were I stand
and bow; something in me shouts
about your crimes and sins)
heart, not even the hate, has such painful soul

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