Monday, March 5, 2007

Our mission

We were all raised to believe our world is amazing. We think it can be.

Our world, as it is today, is a place full of anger and hate. Destruction is all around us.

Do you dream of that world as a better place? Without countless deaths every day that are caused for no reason at all? Just, better lives for each and every one of us?

We do.

We dream of green, beautiful, never-ending fields instead of the horrible war-regions.

We dream of crystal clear rivers instead of the blood-baths.

We dream of vast forests and lush meadow.

And that is what we are here to do, make this dream come true.

Will you help us achieve that?


meitarskit said...

בהצלחה, יקירי :)

LeCurator said...

Thanks dear.