Saturday, May 26, 2007

An urge to write

I feel this urge to write here. Don't know why, it's probably a part of the turning my life took lately. You know this feeling you sometimes have, that everything is just good? Some divine bliss that means that everything is just right, happiness that comes from within you and just washes you with warm goodness. I can really feel now, flowing in my entire body, and you might notice that as you read what I write you can feel it too. It's contagious, addictive, and just good. I hope everyone could feel life like this, make it more vivid and brighter, become aware that the stronger you feel this, the happier you get, and the happier you get the stronger this feeling gets. With every breath you take, with every word you read.
Absolute divine bliss. Want it, and it's yours.

Enim Nuvos Decretum!
Le Generosus.


Anonymous said...

And thank you for it,you make me feel that without you those moments would be harder.


LeCurator said...

I'm always here. :)