Wednesday, June 6, 2007

New month - almost like a new life

So here we go, a new month has begone. With it, I feel like a whole new life has started for me.
For start, me and Marina... Well... We broke-up. But for some reason, I'm still happy. Life just seems right no matter what lately.
My final exams started. Next week it's the history test. Wish me luck. :)

And now for what (or really - who) really got me to write this post (yeah, I'm lazy, take it or leave it) - Or. Who is she? Well, for starts, she is a cousin of a very good friend of mine. And now a very good friend of mine too. But... There is something more then that. We both know that. We just don't know what it is...

We started talk 6 days ago, but it's feels like we know each other forever. And... I don't know. It's just too confusing, we slowly try to figure out this thing.
Whatever it is, it's nice. I like it. And I think she is too.

So here is for new beginnings!
Enim Nuvos Decretum!

Le Generosus.


Or said...

כבר אמרתי לך, מעולם לא התרגשתי כל כך כשקראתי משהו באנגלית.

LeCurator said...

Ha-ha, thanks. :D